Kukoon Rugs

The problem...

Kukoon Rugs are a limited company based in Northern Ireland with a warehouse in Liverpool. Unfortunately, due to circumstances that arose during the pandemic, the Liverpool warehouse was closed and thus the contents of the entire warehouse had to be emptied and moved to their main warehouse in Ireland.

The Solution...

At G&S, we pride ourselves on our ‘can do’ attitude to such scenarios. We arranged to provide Kukoon with hire containers and trailers to facilitate the evacuation of the Liverpool warehouse. To make sure the containers were loaded when the driver arrived, we ensured we had direct contact with the staff on site which made the task easier. In doing this we developed a ‘drop & swap’ system where we would drop an empty container into the site and at the same time, remove the loaded container and deliver to a port for its onward sailing to Ireland.  This approach meant that Kukoon had at all times access to containers on-site to load their cargo into, ensuring the quick and efficient clearing of the warehouse to the customer’s satisfaction.

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